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Donation Policy

Thank you for your donation. It will be used by Warringah Independent Limited solely to support the Climate Change Act campaign including to help amplify our efforts to bring the Climate Change Act to the attention of more people. Your donation helps us boost social media posts and implement additional advertising and promotion. All donations will be placed in a separate bank account by Warringah Independent Limited and used solely for that purpose. Please note, your donation is not tax deductible.

Warringah Independent Limited is a not for profit public company limited by guarantee. It is not a political party, or a registered charity, or a deductible gift recipient.

In supporting the Climate Change Act campaign, there are some individuals and businesses that Warringah Independent Limited will not accept donations from, in the sole discretion of Warringah Independent Limited.

For questions, please contact us at:

Warringah Independent Limited ACN 630 440 514
Email: info@warringahindependent.com.au
Date: 2 February 2020